Neanderthal blade with burin and 2 Neanderthal multi-tools. Jeremy's Rock Garden $110.00
5 German Neolithic Blades Jeremy's Rock Garden $125.00
Neanderthal Multi-tool on Flake Jeremy's Rock Garden $75.00
Shells Shirley Allen On Request
Lower Paleolithic Pebble Tool Jeremy's Rock Garden Sold
3 Neanderthal Multi-tools on Flakes Jeremy's Rock Garden $145.00
"The Genius of Japanese Design" by Sherman Lee WaSabiDou Antiques and Folk Crafts $85.00
Art From Ritual, Ancient Bronze Vessels, Sackler, Ex Warren E. Burger Spoils of Time $170.00
5 Native American Paleolithic tools Jeremy's Rock Garden $55.00
Sotheby's Antiquities Auction Catalogue - Tue 1st July 1969 Ihnasiyah Gallery £20.00
Christie's New York Magnificent French Furniture 2000 Black Dog Antiques $45.00
Ancient Moroccan Stromatolite fossil up to 3 Billion years old what pdx $135.00
Egypt Share Certificate - 1956 - Society of Industrial Chemistry Ihnasiyah Gallery £20.00
THE WAYWARD BUS~ John Steinbeck 1947 Black Dog Antiques $25.00
1st Ed Recollections of Foreign Travel ..Vol. I ~ Brydges 1825 Black Dog Antiques $175.00
Live Oak Splendor: Gardens Along the Mississippi Black Dog Antiques $20.00