large Quartz Crystal sphere diameter is 6.5" what pdx $465.00
"Orchid From Florida" Linen Postcard 1940 Shirley Allen $90.00
New Unf. Multi Color Tourmaline Rondelle Beads Strand, 2 Briolettes Mimi Dee Artwear $126.00
"The Genius of Japanese Design" by Sherman Lee WaSabiDou Antiques and Folk Crafts $85.00
5 Native American Paleolithic tools Jeremy's Rock Garden $55.00
Shell Collection Shirley Allen On Request
Large Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus (var. Maroccanus) Fossil Tooth Ihnasiyah Gallery £75.00
2 Neanderthal scrapers Jeremy's Rock Garden $65.00
Rare fine clear Quartz point what pdx $1,125.00
cjoma pd spmg bpw; The Tretiak Collection
Extremely Rare 1.83ct Burma Prehnite Cat's Eye Cabochon Burma Natural Pearls $150.00
A Masque Découvert , Marc Petit , 1995 Himalaya Primitive Please contact us
Bonnard ~ Nicholas Watkins 1994 Black Dog Antiques $35.00
Forty (40) 50-Million Year Old Fossil Shark Teeth Ihnasiyah Gallery £25.00
4 Neanderthal backed blades Jeremy's Rock Garden $155.00
Neanderthal blade with burin and 2 Neanderthal multi-tools. Jeremy's Rock Garden $110.00
Bhutan Deb Rupee Abhaya Asian Antiques $60.00