Jean Rene Gauguin,"Europa" Sculpture Shirley Allen On Request
"Farm Aid Song From America" signed Willie Nelson Craftsman Antiques $100.00
Life of ...LEO N. LEVI... MEMORIAL ED. 1905 Eric J.Phillips Antiques $30.00
Book of STEUBEN STATUE in Lafay.Park W., D.C. Eric J.Phillips Antiques $50.00
WAVERLY GALLERY { SWS's FEMALE Characters Eric J.Phillips Antiques $75.00
Colonial Furniture in America, Lockwood, 3rd Mark Bassett (aka 'potterybooks') $20.00
Antiques in Interior Design, Decorating Mark Bassett (aka 'potterybooks') $15.00
Pairpoint Lamps - Malakoff Craftsman Antiques $175.00
Oil Lamps II , Glass Kerosene Lamps Craftsman Antiques $30.00
Old Halloweed Post Card AntiquesDC $25.00
PT 109 JFK in WWII { R.L. DONOVAN 1961 1st Eric J.Phillips Antiques $29.95
Cowan Pottery & Cleveland School Autographed Mark Bassett (aka 'potterybooks') $65.00
Understanding Roseville Pottery Book Bassett Mark Mark Bassett (aka 'potterybooks') $37.50