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t a t a m i


Unique formed glendonite as a pseudomorph of calcite (ikaite) from Hokkaido, Japan, called 'Gennoishi' (lit. 'Hammer stone'). approx...
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Ancient East
DESCRIPTION: Twenty-three rare back issues of “Arts of Asia” magazine, beginning with the March/April 1976 issue and running consecutively through the November/December 1979 issue. These rare issues feature such topics as Chinese tomb pottery, paintings, snuff bottles, porcelains, contemporary art, gardens, cloisonné, textiles and costumes, ivory and wood carvings, and the Imperial Palace...
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A group of 21 handwritten, typed and printed documents from northern Mexico, dating to the turn of the century, (the earliest, 1885, the latest, 1905, with most clustered between 1896 and 1901), one of those documents actually signed in ink by Porfirio Diaz, (1830-1915), the Mexican general and politician who for seven terms totaling over 30 years was the president of Mexico...
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1 silver grosh Obv: Ivan Alexander/Mikhail Rev: Christ standing with out stretched arms. Circa: 1337-1371. Diameter 17mm and appoxiametly 2 grams. Free shipping.
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A beautiful set of sterling silver frosted proof encapsulated coins depicting the Cats of Canada, from the Royal Canadian Mint's Discovering Nature series. This set includes the green papered graphic box, the fitted plush-coated platform, the four encapsulated coins, the foam liner, the decorative booklet and the original cardstock sleeve. This 6-1/4 x 6-1/8" set is in mint-in-box condition. All items are thoroughly and conservatively graded and all condition issues are noted...