Book: Ancient Sichuan (Chinese Han Dynasty and Earlier) BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART GBP £30.00
(Published price £68)
THOMAS BEWICK c1797 History British Birds 1st Edition Vol. 1 SCARCE! Luis Porretta Fine Arts $275.00
Sand and Foam - A Book of Aphorisms by Kahlil Gibran David Anthony $100.00
The Private Correspondence of David Garrick David Anthony $250.00
The Venetian Republic, Its Growth, Its Rise, and Its Fall 421-1797 David Anthony $65.00
Book: Dragon Sea - Vietnamese Hoi An Hoard - Hard Back 1st Edition New BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART GBP £12.00
(or £10.00 when purchased with something else)
PUNCH MAGAZINE Early Pencillings ca1860 Calf Binding Luis Porretta Fine Arts $350.00
Along the Road, Notes and Essays of a Tourist, Aldous Huxley, 1925 David Anthony $35.00
Two or Three Graces, Aldous Huxley, 1926 David Anthony $45.00
Poor Richard: The Almanacks for the Years 1733-1758 David Anthony $95.00
Scarce c1897 Commemorative Queen Victoria Watermarked Unused T H Saund Luis Porretta Fine Arts $185.00
DASHING STAGE BEAUTIES OF WORLD Folder 1912 22/24 Erotic Lithographs 1 Luis Porretta Fine Arts $450.00
A Pair of Books on Samurai AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €180.00
ARTHUR MILLER Death Of A Salesman 1st First Edition 1949 vgc Luis Porretta Fine Arts $450.00
JAN VAN DER DESYATER c1732 First Edition Thoughts On Sleepless Nights Luis Porretta Fine Arts $550.00
MARTINET / DE VRIES Catechism of Nature 4 Vol. Set c1788 Engravings Ra Luis Porretta Fine Arts $555.00
OFFER VAN ABRAHAM Book Of Genesis in Engravings c1700 Amsterdam Rare Luis Porretta Fine Arts $750.00
WILLIAM ROY Rare Navigation Book c1797 Trigonometry Between Paris & Gr Luis Porretta Fine Arts $1,750.00