1stEd/3rd ~PAN~Knut Hamsun~ 1921 Black Dog Antiques $50.00
The Novels Of Lord Lytton: A Strange Story. The Haunted & The Haunters Black Dog Antiques $20.00
1st Ed One True Thing ~Anna Quindlen ~ Signed Black Dog Antiques $8.00
1st ED Man of the Forest Zane Grey~ January 1920 Misprint Black Dog Antiques $20.00
THE WAYWARD BUS~ John Steinbeck 1947 Black Dog Antiques $25.00
1st Ed~ GABRIEL CONROY ~ Bret Harte~1876 Black Dog Antiques $35.00
Barker's Luck and Other Stories ~Bret Harte 1896 Black Dog Antiques $20.00
Stories in Light and Shadow~Bret Harte ~1898 Black Dog Antiques $10.00
In A Hollow of the Hills ~ Bret Harte ~ 1895 Black Dog Antiques $20.00
1stED L-W~ Wanderer of the Wasteland ~Zane Grey 1923 Black Dog Antiques $10.00
Rare First Edition and Printing WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $45.00

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Rare 1901 First Edition The Violet Fairy Book GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $275.00

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The MARTIAN by G. DU MAURIER { HARPERS 1897 Eric J.Phillips Antiques $50.00
1950s March Cost Novel in Jazzy Retro Jacket GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $8.00
Tu Tze-Chun by Naoko Matsubara WaSabiDou Antiques and Folk Crafts Sold