Flinders Petrie: scarabs and cylinders with names - a must have Senatus Consulto $45.00
Khepereru-Scarabs: Scarabs, Scaraboids, and Plaques from Egypt Senatus Consulto $50.00
Ancient Near Eastern Seals from the Kist Collection - Rare! Senatus Consulto $375.00
Western Asiatic Seals in the British Museum Stamp Seals II Senatus Consulto $275.00
First Impressions: Cylinder Seals in the Ancient Near East RARE! Senatus Consulto $275.00
Cambridge Illustrated History of China~Patricia Buckley Ebrey Black Dog Antiques $45.00
HUNTING FOR HIDDEN GOLD ~The Hardy Boys 1928 Black Dog Antiques
How to Sing For Money ...~ Charles Henderson~ 1945 Black Dog Antiques $20.00
The Novels Of Lord Lytton: A Strange Story. The Haunted & The Haunters Black Dog Antiques $20.00
European and American Snuff Boxes 1730-1830 ~Clare Le Corbeiller Black Dog Antiques $35.00
1st Ed Memorial Addresses...Hon. James Breck Perkins (NY) 1911 Black Dog Antiques $65.00
Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress ~Sen.LeBaron Colt (RI) 1925 Black Dog Antiques $65.00
1895 POETS OF THE 19th CENTURY Inscribed Illustrated and Well-Kept GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $35.00
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Inscribed 1921 1st Edition Poetry Book MODERN VERSE GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $25.00
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The Essential Rene Lalique~ William Warmus Black Dog Antiques $10.00
John Ayers: "Chinese Ceramics in the Baur Collection" Reference Book Galerie Hafner $750.00
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The Pearl ~ Sylvia Malaguzzi ~ 2001 Black Dog Antiques $75.00
1st Ed One True Thing ~Anna Quindlen ~ Signed Black Dog Antiques $8.00