Linen Postcard, "The Bus That Goes To Sea" Shirley Allen $90.00
Postcard, Philadelphia Zoological Garden Shirley Allen $85.00
Vintage Silver Danish Candlesticks and Holders DENMARK Gamut Plus Jewelry $85.00
Heavy Silver Charm Standard Poodle Dog 3 Dimensional Gamut Plus Jewelry $85.00
Original Albumen Photograph: Egypt, Port Said, c. 1880. Galerie Hafner $80.00
shipping included
Antique Map Switzerland 1807 Hundred and One Antiques $75.00
Antique Map of Europe 1815 Hundred and One Antiques $75.00
Antique Map England and Wales 1807 Hundred and One Antiques $75.00
Tichnor Linen Postcard, Elephant Hotel Shirley Allen $75.00
"Just Getting Acquainted" Linen Postcard, Tichnor Shirley Allen $75.00
"Chicago" Linen Postcard, Curt Teich 1950 Shirley Allen $75.00
Linen Postcard, Bathing Beauty Shirley Allen $75.00
Linen Postcard, R C A Building, New York Shirley Allen $75.00
Howard Johnson's, Linen Postcard, Rt 66 Shirley Allen $75.00
Linen Postcard, The Glass Kitchen Shirley Allen $75.00
Whole Earth Catalog Last Supplement R. Crumb 1971 Mark Bassett (aka 'potterybooks') $75.00
Beauty on the Beach Florida, Postcard Shirley Allen $75.00
"She Sells Sea Shells" in Florida 1946 Shirley Allen $70.00
Albumen photo Abdullah Freres Istanbul street dogs c. 1880 Delaplane Antiques $70.00
Greetings From New York City, Postcard Shirley Allen $65.00
"Berry Field", Genuine Curt Teich Linen Postcard Shirley Allen $65.00
"West Flagler Kennel Club" Linen Postcard, Tichnor Shirley Allen $65.00
China Town, San Francisco, Postcard Shirley Allen $65.00
19thC Photo Tin Types 3 Women Double Gutta-Percha Case Stonegate Antiques $65.00
"Bonneville Salt Flats" Linen Postcard, Curt Teich Shirley Allen $65.00
Albumen photo of the Kas Mahal and Anguri Bagh by Sache 1870s Delaplane Antiques $60.00
Postcard, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Tichnor Shirley Allen $50.00
Rare 1941 California Folsom State Prison Mug Shot Fingerprint Document Stonegate Antiques $50.00
Grauman'sChinese Theatre, Postcard 1931 Shirley Allen $50.00
Stickley Lenox Rookwood Pottery Keen Kutter Mark Bassett (aka 'potterybooks') $49.95
Albumen photograph of shallow pool at Pompei Italy. Circa 1870 Delaplane Antiques $45.00
Albumen photograph of 3 large columns at Pompeii Italy. 1870’s Delaplane Antiques $45.00
Old Tourist Travel Booklet of Mozambique Asian Ethnic Artifacts $45.00
Linen Postcard, Greyhound Bus to Key West, Curt Teich Shirley Allen $45.00
Fine WW2 Son of Service Sweetheart Sterling Enamel Pin Gamut Plus Jewelry $45.00