"Salt Kettle" Bermuda, Linen Postcard Shirley Allen $15.00
Albumen photo of the Kas Mahal and Anguri Bagh by Sache 1870s Delaplane Antiques $60.00
Roy Rogers, Linen Postcard, So Rare Shirley Allen $125.00
3 volumes Autour du Monde L. Boulanger, Éditeur, Paris, France v5 what pdx $700.00
Egypt Share Certificate - 1944 Societe Belge-Egyptienne de L'Ezbekieh Ihnasiyah Gallery £25.00
Old Halloweed Post Card AntiquesDC $25.00
Linen Postcard, Parrot Jungle, Woman In Tree w/ Parrots Shirley Allen $18.00
Antique map of Denmark printed in 1814 what pdx $285.00
Albumen photo circa 1880 with Cairo location printed on mount Delaplane Antiques $25.00
Chinese New Year Print Jin Nian Feng Shou St. Johns Art and Antiques $25.00
Linen Postcard, Saucy Sailorette, 1941 Shirley Allen $90.00
Double daguerreotype locket 1850’s husband and wife Delaplane Antiques $280.00
Large Letter Linen Postcard "FLORIDA" Shirley Allen $15.00
Albumen photograph of shallow pool at Pompei Italy. Circa 1870 Delaplane Antiques $45.00
Early Albumen Photograph: Egypt, Philae. Pre 1880. Galerie Hafner $250.00
/ shipping included
Early Albumen Photograph: Egypt, Thebes. Pre 1880. Galerie Hafner $280.00
shipping included
"The Brown Derby" Shirley Allen On Request
Antique Map Switzerland 1807 Hundred and One Antiques $75.00
23 Vintage Photographs "Folk Art in Orissa, India" by Dorothy Norman Galerie Hafner $1,800.00
shipping included
"Coliseum, Chicago" Shirley Allen On Request
Framed Hand-tinted Photograph Antiques On Bardwell $25.00
"Three Beauties in Parrot Jungle" Shirley Allen On Request
"Railway Express" Shirley Allen On Request
Albumen Photograph of Temple of Poseidon, c. 1870. Galerie Hafner $220.00
shipping included
Egypt Share Certificate - 1946 - Grands Magasins Chemla Ihnasiyah Gallery £25.00