Albumen photo of people outside thatch houses, India c.1880
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Autographed 2009 Framed Blue Angels Photograph by Peter Carnicelli Orwellianantiques $135.00
Heavy Silver Charm Standard Poodle Dog 3 Dimensional Gamut Plus Jewelry $85.00
23 Vintage Photographs "Folk Art in Orissa, India" by Dorothy Norman Galerie Hafner $1,800.00
shipping included
Rare 1941 California Folsom State Prison Mug Shot Fingerprint Document Stonegate Antiques $50.00
Old Stanhope Viewer Charm Historic Scenes from Ireland Gamut Plus Jewelry $95.00
Alaskan Highway Photographic Collage Black Dog Antiques $95.00
"Starlite Gardens Atop Hotel Utah" Shirley Allen On Request
ONE PHOTO BOOK t a t a m i $200.00
Framed Hand-tinted Photograph Antiques On Bardwell $25.00
MAN RAY (1890-1876) pencil signed vintage photograph of a young woman in Paris circa 1925 Jon Berg Fine Art and More $3,000.00
Photo of a Bedouin shepherd American Colony c.1920 Delaplane Antiques $40.00
MOTORCYCLE & SIDECAR TINTYPE c1905 - Historic View Fiona Kenny Antiques $225.00
EN ROUTE TO THE KLONDIKE STEREO VIEW - Singley 1900 Antiques and Decor by Fiona $20.00
Albumen photo of people outside thatch houses, India c.1880 Delaplane Antiques $120.00
3 volumes Autour du Monde L. Boulanger, Éditeur, Paris, France v5 what pdx $700.00
Albumen Photograph of Bronze Bosatsus at Senso-ji in Asakusa, 1870/80. Galerie Hafner $320.00
shipping included
Albumen photo country cricket and archery, 1881 Delaplane Antiques $25.00
Albumen photo Naples Italy. M. Amodio c. 1880 Delaplane Antiques $20.00