Magnificent Melo Pearl 116.81ct Burma Natural Pearls $63,000.00
OMEGA 14k GOLD BUMPER AUTOMATIC Sweep Seconds Cal. 351 Circa: 1952 Watch Company $1,250.00
shell powder flaSK josefina Moura unipessoal.lda $7,000.00
Beautiful Baroque Natural Melo Pearl 15.38ct Burma Natural Pearls $4,500.00
Beautiful Baroque Natural Melo Pearl 18.68ct Burma Natural Pearls $4,800.00
One Of The Prettiest Melo Pearls In The World 38.96ct Burma Natural Pearls $27,000.00
Lovely 9.37ct Button Natural Cassis Cornuta Saltwater Pearl GIA Tested Burma Natural Pearls $870.00
Unique Burma Trapiche Sapphire Ring Burma Natural Pearls $360.00
Stunning Bicolor Burma Tourmaline Specimen GIA Burma Natural Pearls $660.00
fluorite Purple and Green Candle Holder what pdx $38.00
Fluorite green and purple Tea lite candle Votive what pdx $36.00
3 Neanderthal flake tools Jeremy's Rock Garden $110.00
Neanderthal Biface axe Jeremy's Rock Garden $225.00
Giant Quartz Sphere 12" Diameter and over 65 pounds what pdx $6,885.00
Large Golden Quartz Crystal Tea Light candle votive what pdx $385.00
Large Quartz Crystal Sphere with Rainbows what pdx $695.00
Quartz Crystal and black Tourmaline specimen what pdx $395.00
Huge Golden Green Selenite Sphere what pdx $445.00