Russia Historic Coins Abhaya Asian Antiques $130.00
Two Medieval Bulgarian and Serbian Coins Abhaya Asian Antiques $140.00
1863 STATE BANK OF SOUTH CAROLINA 15 + 25 CENT CIVIL WAR NOTES Stonegate Antiques $120.00
3 Choice Morgan Silver Dollars 1879 1883 1889 Stonegate Antiques $125.00
Persian Tabriz carpet Mid-Century 120”x77” L'Enfant Gallery $2,200.00
Kingdom of Bhutan Silver 1/2 Rupee Abhaya Asian Antiques $80.00
restrike Maria Theresa Thaler Silver Pendant with bells what pdx $125.00
restrike Maria? Theresa Thaler Silver Pendant Tribal pendant what pdx $135.00
Guide to Biblical Coins Hardcover – January 11, 2022 Biblical Artifacts $78.00
Nice Braunschweig-Lüneburg-Celle Thaler 1631 (Christian 1611-16) Senatus Consulto $475.00
Nice German silver thaler or taler, Saxony Johann Georg 1638 Senatus Consulto $495.00
Choice German States silver Thaler, Hamburg towers, 1621! Senatus Consulto $465.00
Unusually nice Swedish Plate coin 1/2 daler 1716 in near EF Senatus Consulto $1,495.00
Sri Lanka Dutch Colonial Era Coins Abhaya Asian Antiques $120.00
Ceylon British Colonial Era Elephant Coins Abhaya Asian Antiques $120.00
Nepal Prithvi Narayan Coin Abhaya Asian Antiques $110.00
Nepal Bhupatindra Malla Abhaya Asian Antiques $110.00
Sri Lanka Ancient Lakshmi Coin Abhaya Asian Antiques $220.00