Stamp is not in good shape.
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An unusual item for the philatelist collector of the famous Great Britain "Penny Rose" stamp of Victorian England: 240 stamps, arranged in a rectangle 20 by 12, all used (canceled) examples, dating to 1864,at the earliest, as these are all perforated and bear the positional plating letters in each corner. I am not a devoted stamp collector so am doing my best after some internet research. The "Penny Rose" or Penny Red succeeded the Penny Black of 1841...
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Watch Company
AMERICAN WATCH CO. 1859 – 1873 Boston, Mass. Commonly referred to as “The Mother of all American Watch Companies”, this manufacturer was a international pioneer in watch production and accuracy. They were the first to gain independence from European watch providers in the New World. But more than that, they sought to provide a more accurate watch at a affordable price to the American Citizen. After beginning activity in Boston by the Boston Watch Co...