African Amber Copol Bead Necklace 22" Long Orwellianantiques $165.00
WRIGHT MORRIS (1910-1988) limited signed first edition book on noted American photographer and author Jon Berg Fine Art and More $100.00
Penang 1/2 Cent Coin Abhaya Asian Antiques $100.00
Rajah Brooks One Cent Coin Abhaya Asian Antiques $70.00
British North Borneo One Cent Coin Abhaya Asian Antiques $70.00
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French Senegambie Map Sur La Cote Occidentale de l'Afrique Orwellianantiques $375.00
President William Howard Taft Signed Letter Orwellianantiques $950.00
Antiques: Regional Art: Americas: Pre Columbian Moche precolumbianantique $1,999.00
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