Beautiful 2.12ct Colombian Emerald Burma Natural Pearls $1,260.00
Beautiful & Rare Natural Melo Pearl 22.46ct Burma Natural Pearls $9,650.00
Superb Colombian Emerald 5.33ct F1 GIA Burma Natural Pearls $11,700.00
Very Pretty Burmese Spinel Pair 2.37ct Burma Natural Pearls $120.00
Immense Burma Trapiche 64.22ct Burma Natural Pearls $370.00
Gorgeous Natural Pearl Collection 27pcs 41.88cts Burma Natural Pearls $1,290.00
Superb 7.48ct Unheated Sri Lanka Blue Sapphire GIA Burma Natural Pearls $11,700.00
Beautiful Burma Blood Red Spinel 3.90ct Burma Natural Pearls $2,370.00
(2 Vols.) Letters of James Russell Lowell ~ Charles E.Norton 1894 Black Dog Antiques $45.00
The Warren Court - 1968 Supreme Court Justices Signatures, Autographs Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,500.00
4 neanderthal multi-tools on flakes Jeremy's Rock Garden $225.00
6 English Neolithic micro-tools Jeremy's Rock Garden $95.00
4 Neanderthal flake cores Jeremy's Rock Garden $75.00
2 French neolithic tools Jeremy's Rock Garden $110.00
5 Neanderthal tools Jeremy's Rock Garden $240.00
4 Native American Paleolithic tools or cores Jeremy's Rock Garden $110.00
6 Neolithic Willow-leaf points Jeremy's Rock Garden $65.00
Neanderthal point Jeremy's Rock Garden $225.00