Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblock Print - Wakanoura Era Woodblock Prints $220.00
Vietnamese Bronze Bust of Southeast Asian Girl with Crown, c. 1950. Galerie Hafner $620.00
shipping included
Kyo-ware Tea Bowl by Kanpu Kawanabe Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $750.00
Korean Silla Stoneware Tall incised pot what pdx $1,495.00
Japanese metal Okimono of a pair of Cranes what pdx $695.00
Japanese Bronze okimono of a Walking Boy reading what pdx $595.00
Japan Meiji Gilt Bronze Rooster Okimono on Stand what pdx $5,895.00
Takahashi Shotei Japanese Woodblock Print - Rain at Imado Era Woodblock Prints $110.00
Stoneware box for incense, kogo, clam shell, Takatori-style, Japan Welcome To Another Century $225.00
English Sterling Silver Sherry Label Cherub Antiques Gallery $265.00
Chinese Lapis Lazuli Snuff Bottle Helen M Edwards $390.00
Carved Wood “Wolf” Folk Art Cane, Milton Jews Ancient East $495.00
Pierced French Majolica Porcelain Bowl, Candy Dish June Hastings $185.00
Art Deco Enamel, Silver and Crystal Candlesticks Cherub Antiques Gallery $1,250.00
Indian Chola Dynasty Style Bronze Shiva what pdx $165.00
Vintage Sterling Silver Chinese Place card Holders what pdx $185.00
Antique Asian Silver metal and Coral Turquoise Prayer Wheel v6 what pdx $295.00
Vintage Sterling silver Thai Burmese Continental group lot what pdx $295.00
18th- 19th c Hindu South Indian Bronze Khandoba & Mhalsa what pdx $495.00
Tibetan Antique Cabinet with Phoenixes Zentner Collection $4,000.00
Kushan Islamic turquoise blue glazed oil lamp what pdx $1,195.00
Vintage Chinese Gourd Shaped Beijing Glass Snuff Bottle with Bee June Hastings $125.00
Toshi Yoshida Abstract Woodblock - No. 7 Floating World Gallery $600.00
Toshi Yoshida Abstract Woodblock - No. 6 Floating World Gallery $600.00
Toshi Yoshida Abstract Woodblock - Delightful Floating World Gallery $600.00
Large Burmese Myanma Antique Wood Dancing Nat Statue June Hastings $1,450.00
Chinese Stone Carving of Boy Playing Flute on Buffalo Sculpture June Hastings $475.00
Lovely Japanese Roiro Makie Kogo with Leaves Design SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES On Request
Japanese Late Meiji or Taisho mixed metal Plate what pdx $225.00
Hocking Blue Bubble Cup & Saucer Two J's $6.50
Japanese Meiji-Taisho Bronze on metal plate fine casting what pdx $265.00
Pair of Taisho Copper Clad metal vases v8 what pdx $125.00
19th C. Indian Bronze Standing Hindu Figure of Chakravartin what pdx $185.00
19th C. Indian Bronze Standing Hindu Figure of Chakravartin what pdx $265.00
Ohara Shoson (Koson) Japanese Woodblock Print - Two Carp - Pre-War Era Woodblock Prints $650.00