Chinese Inside Painted Snuff Bottle, Signed Helen M Edwards $260.00
Khmer style Bronze Buddha on a Naga what pdx $795.00
China 206BC -220 AD Han bronze bells on a custom black iron stand what pdx $595.00
Khmer Baphuon 11th-12th c bronze figure of the God Vishnu v7 what pdx $1,495.00
Chinese Ming Dynasty Green glazed Tomb Figure of an Attendant what pdx $1,685.00
Warring States Roof Tile with FuFu design what pdx $595.00
19thc Chinese carved Lacquered and gilded wood panel what pdx $495.00
Chinese archaistic jade female nude figure what pdx $225.00
Chinese Song Dynasty molded tomb tile of a dwarf v4 what pdx $1,395.00
Classic Pink Footed Tumbler 13 oz 6" Ice Tea Tiffin Glass Company J S Antiques $71.75
Tiffin Glass Company Wisteria Cordial #17477 J S Antiques $42.75
"Inland Sea at Seto in Autumn" by Kenji Kawai what pdx $295.00
Southwestern Painted & Decorated Steer Skull Ancient East $975.00
Early Edo Dynasty lost wax cast vase with figures what pdx $1,195.00
Fenton Colonial Amber Rose Compote Two J's $28.00
Late 19thc Japanese Meiji Dynasty bronze altar set vase and Pricket V9 what pdx $195.00
Ming Dynasty bronze amphora vase with Dragon Headed handles V4 what pdx $785.00