Japanese Meiji Dynasty Mixed metal lidded box what pdx $595.00
Chinese Porcelain Wrist Rest Asia of Old $695.00
Floral Green Juice Tumbler Footed 4" 5 oz Jeannette Glass Company J S Antiques $19.00
China old set of 3 brushes The Tretiak Collection 3000.00 rmb
Akro Agate Large Interior Panel Toy Dishes The Glass Cupboard $95.00
Japanese Hanakago, bamboo ikebana basket for flower arrangement Dragon's Pearl $950.00
Iga Mizusashi by Uda Rakuzan Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
china ild frog toggle The Tretiak Collection Sold
a dinka doll cameroon galerie Cecile Kerner €450.00
china old porcelain bud vase The Tretiak Collection 2500.00 rmb
china old bronze round ink box The Tretiak Collection 8000.00 rmb
Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure. Coins and Antiques Gallery $275.00
PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD 4902 2 1/2 ROLY POLY TUMBLER Strait's Antiques $25.00
Victorian Enamel Sterling Silver .925 Match Safe - Circa 1850 Sina's Antiques and Fine Arts $750.00