Joichi HOSHI print MOON AND TREE 1976 Dmitry Levit Asian Art $420.00
Original HIDEO TAKEDA print ALTAMIRA PORCUPINE (gold) signed numbered Dmitry Levit Asian Art $160.00
Antique Korean Bedside Chest Zentner Collection $650.00
Japanese Ranma Transom Fine Relief Hand Carved Bamboo & Plum Blossoms Zentner Collection $950.00
Kutani sake wine cups with Phoenix, Paulownia leaves and Tokugawa mon Global Ceramics $150.00
Ohara Shoson (Koson) Woodblock Print -Chrysanthemums and Running Water Era Woodblock Prints $350.00
Chinese Jun Flambe Squat Gourd Vase Helen M Edwards $290.00
Antique - Vintage Shiva Nataraja bronze figure what pdx $795.00
Shoda Koho Japanese Woodblock Print - Black Cat at Night Era Woodblock Prints $325.00
3 paktong martini glasses Hankow China c. 1920 Delaplane Antiques $80.00
Ceremonial Cane Hat, India, Naga Peoples AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €600.00
Chinese Black lacquered Wire Garden Tree Hanging Lantern Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $35.00
Aarre Krogh A & K Sterling Silver Necklace 20th Century Scandinavian Design $150.00
Japanese 1st Edition Woodblock Print Hiroshi Yoshida Bamboo Wood Petrie-Rogers Gallery $800.00
Japanese Silver Teapot w Greyish Tone Patina Sencha Asian Antiques $2,300.00
C1930 PASTE & METAL FRINGE NECKLACE Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $750.00