china wood brush washer The Tretiak Collection CN¥16.00
China copper mask The Tretiak Collection
China Teapot The Tretiak Collection
Vintage Japanese Byobu Screen 6 Panel Hawk Kiku Imports $1,500.00
China Feicui Yandie The Tretiak Collection
a baoule slingshot galerie Cecile Kerner €300.00
a baoule slingshot galerie Cecile Kerner €200.00
Large Italian Hand-Hammered Silver Classical Amphora Vase Nelson & Nelson Antiques $4,550.00
Tsuchiya Koitsu Japanese Woodblock Print - Asakusa - Rare 1st Ed. Era Woodblock Prints $1,300.00
Classic Cocktail Shaker with Juicer Cherub Antiques Gallery $850.00
stibe teaoi uxubg zitan The Tretiak Collection
18th c Hindu Bronze Temple Horse Pull Toy what pdx $185.00
Hindu Chola Period Bronze figure of a Priest or Holy man what pdx $5,995.00
16thc Hindu Figure of a South India Folk Hero what pdx $3,895.00
Antique Hindu Bronze figure of a Peacock from South India what pdx $199.00
South India Folk bronze Figure of a Ram what pdx $199.00
India 16thc Hindu Figure of a Female in Anjali Mudra v4 what pdx $3,895.00