17th-18th c Indian Hindu rosewood Temple doll what pdx $265.00
India 19th Rosewood temple doll sculpture of Lakshmi v3 what pdx $895.00
Philippines early 19th c Bulul Rice harvest God sculpture v8 what pdx $700.00
Qing Dynasty Buddhist Wood figure seated on Throne v4 what pdx $895.00
Meiji Dynasty Japanese Bizen zodiac figure of an Ox v7 what pdx $445.00
Japanese Meji Dynasty bronze vase what pdx $245.00
Japanese Edo 17-18thc Bizen glazed Saki jar v8 what pdx $695.00
Ming - Qing Dynasty wood temple figure v9 what pdx $695.00
Chinese late 19thc Buddhist house God sculpture v4 what pdx $225.00
Ming-Qing Dynasty blue and white lidded box v9 what pdx $155.00
Ming Dynasty blue and white foliate rim charger what pdx $895.00
Japanese antique ikebana vase in cast bronze what pdx $445.00
Chinese 19thc carved wood Buddhist house God sculpture v7 what pdx $295.00
Late 19th c Burmese temple altar offering stand what pdx $145.00
Tibetan Buddhist repousse copper mandella of Avalokiteswara what pdx $895.00
19thc Hindu white marble Saraswati statue what pdx $765.00
Late 19thc Hindu painted soapstone Deity of a sun Goddess v9 what pdx $695.00
18-19thc Hindu temple statue of Ganesha what pdx $895.00