VASE BY GUNNAR NYLUND FOR RORSTRAND 20th Century Scandinavian Design $700.00
CARL-HARRY STALHANE VASE FOR RORSTRAND 20th Century Scandinavian Design $550.00
PUNGO VASE DESIGNED BY STIG LINDBERG 20th Century Scandinavian Design $565.00
Vase by Carl-Harry Stalhane FOR RORSTRAND, SWEDEN 20th Century Scandinavian Design $595.00
Tall Vase by Carl-Harry Stalhane 20th Century Scandinavian Design $975.00
RORSTRAND ADVERTISING PLAQUE 20th Century Scandinavian Design $125.00
UNIQUE VASE BY CARL-HARRY STALHANE 20th Century Scandinavian Design $1,100.00
HERBERT (HERB) COHEN OVERSIZE BOWL (1970S) Daniel Simhon Fine Art $350.00
ABRAHAM (ABE) COHN EARLY BOWL (CIRCA 1957-1963) Daniel Simhon Fine Art $395.00
Stangl Large Horse Head Vase Mid Century Terra Rose Auerbach and Maffia $550.00
china brush dabblerf The Tretiak Collection
china pottery water dropper The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Painting On Porcelain Private Stock $375.00
10 Royal Worcester Artist Signed Dessert Plates Judith Ravnitzky $350.00
Japan 3 Footed Pink Lustre Fruit Cup and Saucer 1930s Fiona Kenny Antiques $30.00
Leonardo Miniature Portrait Plate David Anthony $295.00
Weller Pottery Console Bowl David Anthony $120.00
Wedgwood Jasper Footed Bowl David Anthony $180.00
Studio Ceramic Vase - Rookwood David Anthony $690.00
Roseville Zephyr Lilly Candlestick Pair David Anthony $100.00
china old pottery bowl 20 c The Tretiak Collection wing wen
Jasperware Teapot (Wedgwood) David Anthony $275.00
Hungarian Herend urn vase in the Chinese Bouquet pattern Global Ceramics $200.00
Fabiola Miniature Portrait Plate David Anthony $225.00
Sculpted Bust of Man David Anthony $1,250.00
Chinese Princess Pair, Barbara Loveday David Anthony $450.00
Roseville Magnolia Amphora Vase David Anthony $295.00
Rookwood Vase David Anthony $165.00
German Porcelain Chicken Figural Schnapps Decanter Glasses Tray 1920s Fiona Kenny Antiques $95.00
Ceramic Raku Footed Bowl David Anthony $1,025.00
Italy Roses Tulips Faience Handled Cake Platter or Plate 1950s Fiona Kenny Antiques $38.00
Scheurich Fat Lava Blue Brown 10-1/2" German 1960s Modern Vase Fiona Kenny Antiques $32.00
Royal Albert White and Pink Double Ice Rose Tea Cup and Saucer Fiona Kenny Antiques $28.00