Continental Oyster Plate Beyond Expression Antiques $245.00
Rosenthal Porcelain Inkstand R and S Antiques $145.00
Royal Albert AMERICAN BEAUTY CHINA Assorted Pieces Fiona Kenny Antiques Priced Individually - please see listing below
16 Arts & Crafts Spanish Don Quixote Tiles Kensington House Antiques $325.00
Vintage Japanese Imari Blue & White Plate, Gideon Antiques $195.00
Large Stangl Pottery Pheasant Craftsman Antiques $250.00
Vintage French Majolica Plate With Grape Motif Gideon Antiques $65.00
Copeland Vases Black Dog Antiques $100.00
B&G Baby Bird Beyond Expression Antiques $75.00
Rosenthal Art Deco "Pierrette Mit Gitarre" Cherub Antiques Gallery Inquire
Nagel, French Art Deco, White Cat ,1930's Shirley Allen $675.00
Rookwood Rothenbusch Vellum Vase -1929 Craftsman Antiques $1,300.00
Rookwood Potpourri STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $345.00
Antique Japanese Arita Blue And White Plate Gideon Antiques $275.00
Superb TOBO vase by the Trillers 20th Century Scandinavian Design $725.00
White Ceramic Inkwell; Brass Mount R and S Antiques $60.00
BLUE/PURPLE ARGENTA by Kage - extremely rare! 20th Century Scandinavian Design $975.00
CERAMIC VASE - MODERNIST - SIGNED carol lane antiques $65.00
MAJOLICA CANDY DISH - GERMANY - SIGNED carol lane antiques $55.00
FARSTA BOWL ON PEDESTAL BY KAGE 20th Century Scandinavian Design $2,800.00
Frog Pond Bowl Craftsman Antiques $115.00
Modern Ceramic Pot 1960's Shirley Allen $650.00
Italian Vase, 1950's, 3/40 Shirley Allen $125.00
California Ceramics, Gainey 1960's Shirley Allen $350.00
West German Vase, 1950's Shirley Allen $850.00
1945 Rookwood Pottery Vase "Clover" Design Kensington House Antiques $325.00
Occupied Japan Sardine Box Kensington House Antiques $65.00
German Vase Shirley Allen $1,800.00
Fantastic Farsta Vase by Wilhelm Kage 20th Century Scandinavian Design $8,250.00
A Vintage Porcelain Chinese Bottle Vase Unroll the Scroll Sold
Set of Two Chinese Republic Blue and White Unroll the Scroll Sold