Brussels Bronze Plaquette Exposition Medal -1935 antique world usa $145.00
French Gilt Bronze Plaquette of Napoleon antique world usa $225.00
French Bronze Plaquette of Roland antique world usa $175.00
Tiffany Studios Gilt Bronze Venetian Desk Blotter Corners June Hastings $1,450.00
English Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal - 1897 antique world usa $95.00
French Art Deco Silver Bronze Paris Medal antique world usa $145.00
Art Deco Bronze Ashtray Dish With Gazelle June Hastings $275.00
Cast bronze Buddha head Bien Hoa school early 20th Conservatoire Sakura $700.00
Ronald Hayes Pearson Modernist Bronze Ashtray 1950 Auerbach and Maffia $350.00
Richard Rohac Bronze Swan Bottle Opener Cherub Antiques Gallery $340.00
Vienna Bronze Dachshunds, Male and Female Cherub Antiques Gallery $890.00
Antique Hagenauer Felix the cat dancing bronze figure 1930s what pdx $465.00
Bronze Musical Instrument Bookends - Trumpet, Violin, French Horn what pdx $75.00
Large Vintage Bronze Animal Rhino Rhinosaurus Statue June Hastings $2,600.00
Roman style Bronze oil lamp with chain what pdx $225.00
Tiffany Studios Double Inkwell Private Stock $1,225.00
Pair of Antique Silver-Inlaid Wedding Vessels (Gadur), Moro People Ancient East $2,800.00
A. Titze Bronze, Boy with Apple Cherub Antiques Gallery $850.00