Vintage icy jadeite carved pendant necklace Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $435.00
china old daoist Man and Wom adn womamn The Tretiak Collection $25000.00
Pietra dura grand tour white marble inlaid plaque with flowers what pdx $85.00
Hardstone Carving of a Scholars Mountain Highly Detailed Ancient Asia Arts and Antiquities $685.00
Classical Style Marble Pedestal Dynasty Collections $1,500.00
gem stone group of 3 birds Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $275.00
Vintage Hand Painted Fox on Slate Americana Wellington And Company Antiques $125.00
Silver Mounted Agate Kiwi Kensington House Antiques $225.00
White Jade Nephrite Carved Lion Hardstone Figurine Kristin R. McDonald Sold