Spring Blossom Vase Qing Dynasty L'Enfant Gallery $1,200.00
Russian Czarist Era Solid Cast Brass Chandelier With Double Eagle 24” L'Enfant Gallery $6,600.00
French Gilt Bronze 2nd Empire Ormolu Clock Suite Circa 1840 L'Enfant Gallery $4,000.00
Spanish Renaissance Style Set of 8 Chairs 19th Century L'Enfant Gallery $8,000.00
French Louis XVI Miniture Portrait GILT oval frame 5x3” watercolor L'Enfant Gallery $450.00
Daum Nancy French Art Deco 1920s Art Glass Vase in Amber Amphora Form L'Enfant Gallery $5,800.00
Renaissance Revival Bronze Scabbard Circa 1890 L'Enfant Gallery $400.00
Aesthetic Movement c1880s Revolving Bookcase 31” Mahogany L'Enfant Gallery $2,800.00
Grand Tour Bronze Casket, Ca.1875 Gideon Antiques $350.00
Wood Lamp Finial Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $20.00
17-18c Carved wood capital top Fragment with acanthus leafs what pdx $795.00
Carved Wood Panels Vita and Mori L'Enfant Gallery $700.00
Antique Japan Meiji Period Sterling Silver Picture Frame 1880-1900 Fiona Kenny Antiques $300.00
Glass old Lamp Finial Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $20.00
Pair of French c. 1850-1880 Century Silver Plate Candelabras L'Enfant Gallery $1,800.00
20th Century English Bamboo and Lacquered Chinoiserie Table 40”x32” L'Enfant Gallery Sold
Irish Waterford Champagne Crystal Coup Glasses 4.5” height L'Enfant Gallery Sold
Pair of Ethiopian Orthodox Crosses Bronze 23x15” L'Enfant Gallery Sold