stibe teaoi uxubg zitan The Tretiak Collection
US ny tiffacny gold pin 14 k The Tretiak Collection
China jade plaque The Tretiak Collection
China monkcys toggle The Tretiak Collection
china old agate rock The Tretiak Collection
Morales Mexican Sterling Silver Amethyst Cabachon Picture Frame Anna Marcel $249.00
Antique Japan Meiji Period Sterling Silver Picture Frame 1880-1900 Fiona Kenny Antiques $300.00
Louis XVI Style Frame, ca. 1940 Susquehanna Frames $850.00
American Taos School, Arts and Crafts Frame, ca. 1920 Susquehanna Frames $750.00
Arts and Crafts Gilded Reproduction Frame Susquehanna Frames $350.00
Arts & Crafts Carved & Gilded Frame, c. 1920 Susquehanna Frames On Request
18th Century Style Spanish Painted Custom Frame circa 20th century Susquehanna Frames $580.00
Italian Casetta Style Custom Frame circa 20th Century Susquehanna Frames $550.00
American Arts and Crafts Metal Leaf Frame, circa 1930 Susquehanna Frames $575.00
American Modernist Frame, circa 1940 Susquehanna Frames $350.00
American Arts and Crafts Art Nouveau Frame Susquehanna Frames $280.00
American Arts and Crafts Gold Leaf Frame, 20th C. Susquehanna Frames $450.00
Modernist Metal Leaf Flat Panel Frame with Carved Edges, circa 1950 Susquehanna Frames $400.00