9-Piece Art Deco Dining Set with Beautiful Veneers Antiquarian Traders $15,000.00
Set of Eight Federal Style Mahogany Dining Chairs SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $3400.00
An Elegant Vintage Hardwood Console Table, ca 1950 The Bodhisattva Collection $750.00
Vintage American Nightstands, Carpathian Elm, 1950's The Bodhisattva Collection $1,250.00
Mahogany Square Side Table; Brass Ball and Claw Feet R and S Antiques $395.00
Art Deco Dressing Table Mirror R and S Antiques $195.00
Mechanical Modernist Bar 1930s-40s/Like a Lowboy Shelton Gallery Antiques and Fine Art $600.00
American Brass Table Entwined Dolphins Base R and S Antiques $475.00
Cotton Merchants Office Portraits On Main $20,000.00
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Birds Eye Tuckaway Handkerchief Card Table Galleries $800.00
Nice 6 pc. Walnut Cherub Bedroom Set c. 1920 Antiquarian Traders $11,000.00
11-Pc. Mahogany & Walnut Empire Dining Suite c. 1920 Antiquarian Traders $20,000.00
10 Pc Art Deco Dining Set c. 1920 Antiquarian Traders $20,000.00
6" Round Wicker Table and 6 Armchairs Antiquarian Traders $12,500.00
3 pc. Art Deco Cloud Style Parlour Antiquarian Traders $12,500.00
Walnut Hunt Board with Griffin Mirrored Back Splash Antiquarian Traders $10,000.00
ROSEWOOD ART DECO DESK c. 1930 Antiquarian Traders $3,000.00
Eagle Bank Table/Desk with Verde Marble Base Antiquarian Traders $20,000.00