Great Dodge Scale Co. Micrometer Balance Scale w/ Marble & Fancy Base Stonegate Antiques $265.00
Victorian Gold Filled Rope Twist Watch Chain with 10K Opals Slide 1890 Fiona Kenny Antiques $115.00
7 Vintage WITCH HAZEL Barrel Labels Highly Colorful Graphics Stonegate Antiques $15.00
3 Scarce Chinese Patent Medicine Bottles Obscure Snake Oil Contents Stonegate Antiques $75.00
7 Scarce Colorful Chinese China Patent Medicine Bottles Hong Kong Stonegate Antiques $70.00
C1920s Vintage Four Tier Apothecary Show Globe Stonegate Antiques $350.00
Vintage 18k gold Cartier, Tank unisex manual wind watch Kingston Bay Gallery $2,495.00
19thC Pharmacy Drugstore, Apothecary Pill Machine Pill Roller Stonegate Antiques $195.00
Fabulous Vintage 1950s MD Medical Doctor License Plate Topper Stonegate Antiques $75.00
1940s SENTINEL First Aid Kit w/ Great graphics and Complete Stonegate Antiques $55.00
Bueche Girod, 18k gold, enamel Ladies Swiss made wrist watch Kingston Bay Gallery $6,350.00
Parke Davis Lung Remedy Cure Glaseptic Nebulizer Pharmacy Drugstore Stonegate Antiques $30.00
ROLEX SUBMARINER Ref. 5512 660ft Stainless Steel 26j C: 1963 Watch Company $29,500.00
Faux Finishing Paint Brushes Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts $685.00
1905 Ideal Capsule Filler Pharmacy Apothecary Pill Machine Stonegate Antiques $335.00
Vintage Rexall Pharmacy Drug Store Apothecary Bottle Labels 200+ Stonegate Antiques $40.00
6 Patent Medicine Bottles Lung Cure Remedy Throat Asthma Cough Stonegate Antiques $50.00
Great Civil War era Apothecary Bottle Dilute Sulfuric Acid 1862 Patent Stonegate Antiques $55.00
Great Asthma Remedy Medicine Bottle and Box HIMRODS POWDER Stonegate Antiques $35.00
19thC Pharmacy, Drug Store Cachet KONSEAL FILLING CLOSING APPARATUS Stonegate Antiques $265.00
Rare Lacquered Brass Microscope F. Koritska Milano E & M Perez $425.00
Torqueise Blue Cloisonne Swiss TRAVEL CLOCK 41mm Original Dial 1890 Watch Company $980.00
CARTIER ALARM Paris Chapell Round Travel Clock White Metal 80mm 1979 Watch Company $980.00
7 Fab Dog Cat Mid-Century Vintage Veterinary Remedies Vitamins Tonic Stonegate Antiques $85.00
4 Fab Early Veterinary Horse Dog Rat Medicines Dr Daniels Glovers Stonegate Antiques $75.00
3 Antique Veterinary Medicine Horse & Cattle Bottles Dr Daniels Pratt Stonegate Antiques $55.00
1940s Thortons Veterinary Carbolic Healing Oil for Man or Animal Stonegate Antiques $38.00
2 Scarce Sex Hormone Pharmacy Drug Store Medicines Uterine Stimulant Stonegate Antiques $57.00
Scarce DUOTONE Ear Hearing Aid 1920s Siemans Halske American Phonophor Stonegate Antiques $160.00
Vintage, Omega De Ville, solid 18k gold ladies watch Kingston Bay Gallery $1,950.00
Iconic Lebanon Tennessee SHANNON DRUG COMPANY Drug Store Sign Stonegate Antiques $325.00
CARTIER 8 DAY DATE ALARM 64mm Round WHITE METAL 1964 Watch Company $1,300.00
Jager LeCoultre 2-Tone Table Clock 8 DAY Merchandised by CARTIER Watch Company $5,600.00
Vintage Alligator Cased pair of Ebony Dog Brushes C 1930 what pdx $265.00
Rare OMEGA 1930 Art Deco Mantel Clock 8 X 8 inch Rectangular 1930 Watch Company $6,800.00
Jaeger-LeCoultre 8-DAY Rectangular Mantel Clock 7.25 x 7,25 inch C1930 Watch Company $2,900.00