Qing Dynasty Tibetan Silver Amulet Box (Ga'u) With Scriptures DingShang Art and Antiques $30,000.00
china old brushpot The Tretiak Collection 25,000.00 rmb
china old stone frog The Tretiak Collection 25000.00 rmb
Chinese Ma Shaoxuan Portrait Snuff Bottle Asia of Old $24,495.00
African Beaded Yoruba Fertility Figure L'Enfant Gallery $22,500.00
African Mali Bamana Figure on Horse L'Enfant Gallery $22,500.00
china stone frog strong republican The Tretiak Collection
A Large, Published, Inscribed, Dated, Burmese Buddha The Bodhisattva Collection $19,500.00
Extra Photos for Item 990732, Published Burmese Buddha The Bodhisattva Collection $19,500.00
African Dogon Large Figure with Scarification L'Enfant Gallery $19,000.00
japan porcelain Noritake dessert set gold The Tretiak Collection 18000.00 rnb
Chinese Yellow Ground Baluster Vase Asia of Old $16,995.00
Jadeite Goddess of Mercy Guangyin Gold Large pendant Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $15,000.00
A Hornbill Bead Bracelet Tushita Antiques & Fine Arts Gallery $15,000.00
African Igbo Figure L'Enfant Gallery $12,500.00
Rare Large 19th mid 20th C African Senufo Hornbill Bird Wood Sculpture June Hastings $12,500.00
Northern Thai Haripunjaya stucco head of Buddha 11thc what pdx $11,995.00
Rare Oversized Toshi Yoshida Woodblock - Mendocino Floating World Gallery $10,000.00