A child's waistcoat from Indus Kohistan Galerie Ariana $400.00
Japanese 66 Foot Long Banner Zentner Collection $400.00
Chinese black labradorite snuff bottle L'Asie Exotique $400.00
A fine, small Tray for use in Tea Ceremony. Showa period Dragon's Pearl $400.00
Ohara Shoson (Koson) Japanese Woodblock Print - Flowering Irises Era Woodblock Prints $360.00
Japanese Woodblock Print signed Y Jisaku Zentner Collection $400.00
Japanese Woodblock Print signed Y Jisaku Zentner Collection $400.00
kuba cups galerie Cecile Kerner €400.00
A pair of Pashtun dowry textiles Galerie Ariana $400.00
Chinese Polychome Porcelain Stool Zentner Collection $400.00
Chinese Zitan Wood and Ivory Box, Signed Helen M Edwards $400.00
Burmese Woman’s Blanket Abhaya Asian Antiques $400.00
A Hazara dress yoke from Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $400.00
A child's embroidered waistcoat - Pashtun Mangal Galerie Ariana $400.00
Katsuhira Tokushi Woodblock Print Set - Five Winter Scenes Akita 1932 Era Woodblock Prints $360.00
Chinese Celadon Vase with Metal Fittings Zentner Collection $400.00
Vintage Chinese inside painted agate snuff bottle what pdx $400.00