Chinese Archaistic style Jade Ax Possibly ancient what pdx $599.00
Tang Dynasty Red Pottery Tomb Model of an Ox what pdx $395.00
china old p end a nt d at ed The Tretiak Collection
chin a old toggle one boy 3 lions The Tretiak Collection Pending
Japanese Print by Shiko Munakata of Three Women Zentner Collection $500.00
Vintage Chinese Green Jade and Rose Quartz Persimmon Fruit June Hastings $80.00
Japanese Vintage Lacquar Small Tray with Gold Makie GALLERY TSUMUGI $280.00
Vintage Japanese Emerald Green Ginbari Silver Cloisonne Vase June Hastings $395.00
china old fo che n b a f ly whi sk The Tretiak Collection On Request
JunYao type Glazed and Molded Vase what pdx $95.00
Vintage Chinese Brown and Rust Glazed Lug Handled Vase what pdx $99.00
Yuan Style Crackle Glazed Celadon Wine Pitcher v4 what pdx $295.00
Yuan Style QingBai Glazed Molded vase with Ruffled top v6 what pdx $695.00
Chinese Copper Red Blue and Green Meiping urn in the Yuan Style what pdx $895.00
Chinese Purple speckled Monochrome Glazed vase what pdx $395.00
Korean Koryo style Inlaid Celadon Glazed Vase what pdx $695.00
Song Style Qingbai glazed Molded vase with Floral designs v8 what pdx $495.00
Song Style Carved Qingbai Celadon Vase with Phoenix - Dragon what pdx $595.00