Chinese Agate Carving of Windhorse Zentner Collection Pending
Chinese Jade Floral Plaque Zentner Collection $550.00
chnia fish toggle The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Antique African Dogon Bronze Horse and Rider v7 what pdx $225.00
Ohara Koson Japanese Woodblock Print - Bird in Yellow Sky - Ivy Above Era Woodblock Prints $950.00
India 19th c Orissa lost wax cast bronze peacock oil lamp what pdx $175.00
Sepik Coastal area mask , Papua New Guinea, early 20th century. galerie Cecile Kerner €7,500.00
China old zitan stand for small incense burnher The Tretiak Collection 12000.00 rnb
Dance staff "oshe shango"Yoruba ,Nigeria ex Ratton Hourdé galerie Cecile Kerner €5,900.00
Betel Box Abhaya Asian Antiques $400.00
hanukkah lamp,Marocco galerie Cecile Kerner €300.00
china old wooden shoes The Tretiak Collection 18000.00 rmb
china ttoggle frog and spider The Tretiak Collection
china oild rulers The Tretiak Collection
Japanese Woodblock Print by Tangyu Asada Zentner Collection $650.00
china old frog and lotus big The Tretiak Collection qing wen
china bronze rattle The Tretiak Collection qing wen