china pottenry jug Song Sung The Tretiak Collection 20,000.00 rnb
KYOSHI SAITO woodblock print from the "Maiko (Kyoto)" series Dragon's Pearl $850.00
a bugi kris ,sulawesi galerie Cecile Kerner Sold
Beautiful Chinese Celadon Jade Carving of a Meiren, 20th C. Galerie Hafner $1,100.00
shipping included
Vintage Chinese Jadeite Dragon Pendant Zentner Collection $875.00
Hasegawa Japanese Fairy Tales Woodblock Book - Matsuyama Mirror 1886 Era Woodblock Prints $170.00
Hagi Chawan from the Tenpozan Kiln (Hirose Tanga) Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art Sold
Early 20th C. Chinese Silver Peach W/ Chain Pendant Asian Art Online $250.00
Small & elegant ikebana basket by MORIGAMI JIN Dragon's Pearl Sold
Japanese Enamel "Amdo†mark box decorated with bluebells Dragon's Pearl Auction
china old wooden stand The Tretiak Collection 12000.00 rmb
china lao ye The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Fine Hindu Bronze figure of Khandoba 17thc v8 what pdx $8,500.00
Storage jar, stoneware, Shigaraki, Japan, 20th c. Welcome To Another Century $800.00
Edo Period Karatsu Tokkuri with Beautiful Gold Repair Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art Sold