Chinese Canton enamel COUPE scholar items Qianlong Dmitry Levit Asian Art $200.00
Chinese Jade Double Peach Belt Hook Zentner Collection Sold
Remarkable Chinese Minority Tribe Batik Jacket and Vest Ancient East $995.00
Japanese Cloisonne Red Beaker Vase by Ando Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
OKAME HYOTTOKO t a t a m i $200.00
Ohara Koson Japanese Woodblock Print - Torii, Lantern and Deer - Rare Era Woodblock Prints $540.00
a yaka figure galerie Cecile Kerner Sold
KOREAN RICE CAKE TRAY t a t a m i Sold
A Qingbai Glazed Wine Pot with Lotus- Shaped Warmer ART CHINA LEGACY $1,000.00
Antique Japanese scroll of cranes in the folk art style what pdx $145.00
Japanese Meiji Bronze okimono Hawk on Rockery base signed what pdx $1,895.00
Wonderful Chinese Hardstone Seal, Coins and Antiques Gallery $149.00
Vintage Native American Chimayo Rug Ancient East $260.00
Kuba Cloth, Bakuba Textile Art from a Published Collection Textile Art World Sold