Chins old bronze buddha serenene The Tretiak Collection Pending
Hindu Temple Rosewood carving of Lakshmi what pdx $195.00
Ohara Koson Japanese Woodblock Print - Eagle Watching Small Bird Era Woodblock Prints $325.00
Early 20th C., Burmese Bronze Figure $500.00
china old brass locks 4 The Tretiak Collection 20,000.00 rmb
Antique Japanese Scroll, Mt. Horai by Shirakura Jiho (Kanyu) The Kura $700.00
china old gild buddha qing The Tretiak Collection 25000.00 rmb
CHINESE CARVED JADE 2 ELEPHANTS SNUFF BOTTLE Eric J.Phillips Antique Estate Jewelry Inquire
China Yixing Teapot Republican The Tretiak Collection 4999.00 RMB
Antique 19thc Hindu Marble statue of Sarasvati what pdx $895.00
PAIR CHINESE PORCELAIN PLANTERS Ca. 1925- 1950 Eric J.Phillips Antique Estate Jewelry Inquire
Antique Chinese Peking Glass Wine Cup Zentner Collection $650.00