HODO, Contemporary Japanese Netsuke Set, Kiyohime Forestangel Asian Antiques $875.00
3 Japanese Gold panel Miniature Hina Doll Screen Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. Sold
A Horn Carved Buddhist Lion Tushita Antiques & Fine Arts Gallery $2,500.00
Fine Miniature Tangka Depicting a Multi headed Deity what pdx $195.00
Early 20th C. Large Chinese Mudman Asian Art Online $850.00
South India 16th c Hindu Copper - Bronze Female Deity what pdx $1,895.00
hannukah lamp marocco galerie Cecile Kerner €300.00
Chrysanthemum Fan Painting by Jeon Yeong Suk aka Yeo Cheong Korean Art and Antiques $100.00
Navajo Eye Dazzler Rug Ancient East $990.00
Agere Ifa Figure from the Yoruba People 1950 Momoyama Gallery Sold
Two Paintings of Verdant Mountains by Zhang Daqian ART CHINA LEGACY Sold
Chinese Export Silver Enamel Finger Nail Cover Brooch, c. 1960. Galerie Hafner $220.00
shipping included
Ohara Koson Japanese Woodblock Print - Goshawk and Rabbit - Very Early Era Woodblock Prints $607.50
Vintage Japanese Ranma (Transom) Plum Blossom Tree and Bamboo Kusunoki Zentner Collection $1,200.00
Chinese Hand Carved Cinnabar Box with Jade Insert June Hastings $345.00
Antique Persian Damascene Hookah Stand Zentner Collection $1,200.00