A Pashtun silk napkin from Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $150.00
An embroidered child's vest from Afghanistan - Hazara Galerie Ariana $150.00
Bizen Rinka-zara by Kaneshige Makoto w/ Kintsugi Gold Joinery Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art Sold
Hongshan Nephrite Turtle Toggle pendant sculpture what pdx $595.00
Khumi tube skirt Abhaya Asian Antiques $160.00
1930 Japanese Men's Naga Juban with Daruma June Hastings $350.00
china LIao Jar brown big 辽代 22 The Tretiak Collection qommg oo wem
china old mnkey barass The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Antique 18- 19thc Hindu white marble figure of Brahma what pdx $695.00
Vintage Pair Blue & White Bowls Late Qing or Republic St. Johns Art and Antiques On Request
Chinese Carved Jade Double Persimmon Dish Black Dog Antiques $65.00
Head of Tau tau, Indonesia, Toraja Peoples AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques Sold
Chinese Antique Small Hong-mu Display Shelf Zentner Collection $1,850.00
Tribal Silver Bracelet Bhadrakalpa On Request
Beautiful Antique Silk Embroidered Tekke Turkmen Coat Ancient East $850.00
SNOWY MOUNTAIN t a t a m i $280.00