Japanese Vintage Textile Saiho Hinagata Miniature Sewing Sample GALLERY TSUMUGI $140.00
Tabriz handmade Rug, carpet, 62" x 55", as is Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $50.00
Chinese Jade Pendant. Coins and Antiques Gallery $375.00
Alabaster Hindu Figure of Shiva vintage Altar Piece what pdx $125.00
china Old barrel The Tretiak Collection
china old b ronze bu d dha 19th c The Tretiak Collection Pending
Carved Chinese Aloeswood fungus motif Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts Sold
Tall Standing Mandalay Buddha Silk Road Gallery $600.00
Japanese Vintage Textile Boro Asa Tsuno-bukuro for Grain GALLERY TSUMUGI Sold
Large Japanese Print by Joichi Hoshi Zentner Collection $9,500.00
MUNJADO - Korean folk letter paintings t a t a m i $300.00
Summer Silk Obi, Flowers Fans in vivid colors Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
china old bronze gild buddha satue 19 th The Tretiak Collection B4000.00
china old wood stand The Tretiak Collection 9000.00 rmb
China Feicui Yandie The Tretiak Collection
A pair of Pashtun dowry textiles Galerie Ariana $400.00
CHINESE COVERED JAR CHIEN LUNG STYLE Eric J.Phillips Antique Estate Jewelry Sold
china ol s inkp asted box The Tretiak Collection `12000.00
Himalayan Primitive Figure N°64, Himalayas, Nepal Himalaya Primitive Please contact
yoruba omolangidi ,nigeria ,doll galerie Cecile Kerner €800.00
Japanese Set of 3 Woodblock Prints by Hiroshige Zentner Collection $350.00
Japanese Vintage Ceramic Hagi Ware Mukozuke GALLERY TSUMUGI Sold
Ancient Han Dynasty Silver inlaid silver bronze belt hook what pdx $1,245.00
Japanese Vintage Textile Meisen Cloth for One Kimono GALLERY TSUMUGI $70.00
Vintage amber silver necklace Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts Sold
Han Dynasty Grey Pottery Granary Vessel what pdx $225.00