Kano Tsunenobu Japanese Woodblock Print - Pheasant and Wildflowers Era Woodblock Prints $110.00
"Nishijima, Katsuyuki" WoodBlock Print in Frame, "Colorful Clothes" Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $125.00
Khmer Lacquer Box Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Ritual Staff Baulé Ivory Coast Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art €275.00
Japanese Vintage Meisen with Geometric Pattern Orange GALLERY TSUMUGI $110.00
Japanese music instrument Biwa Tomoe Art $1,680.00
Republic Period Chinese Carpe Fish Jade Toggle Zentner Collection $200.00
china old hat holder wood republican The Tretiak Collection $1200.00
Rare Antique Japanese Barber Chair Zentner Collection $8,500.00
Munakata Shiko Japanese Lithograph - Moulin Rouge Era Woodblock Prints $65.00
Buddhist Proverb Calligraphy by Jung Jae Hyun Korean Art and Antiques $100.00
Famille Rose Water Pot Asia of Old Sold
china old statue The Tretiak Collection sol d
china bronze seal year of the horse ma nien The Tretiak Collection 8000.00 rmb