Lucy Martin Lewis Acoma Pueblo pottery bowl or olla Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $3,895.00
china old agate brush dabbler man ao The Tretiak Collection 5000.00 rmb
china lion toggle The Tretiak Collection
yixing teapot Spoof "Disaster" The Tretiak Collection $5500.00
china ivory chan toggle early qing The Tretiak Collection 12000.00 rmb
Khmer 13- 15thc terracotta spirit cat figure what pdx $2,450.00
Drum stick N°2, Himalaya, Nepal Himalaya Primitive Please contact us
Celadon vase with cat and mice, Japan, Meiji/Taisho era Welcome To Another Century $2,200.00
Ohara Koson Japanese Miniature Woodblock Print - Deer and Lantern Rare Era Woodblock Prints $135.00
Chinese Carved Jadeite Pebble of Lucky God Zentner Collection $1,100.00
Japanese Vintage Textile 2 Panels of Zanzhi-ori Futonji GALLERY TSUMUGI Sold
Japanese Five Storied Wooden Pagoda Zentner Collection Sold