BIZEN WARE, QUAIL ON MILLET t a t a m i $750.00
china old stone toggle The Tretiak Collection
Elaborately Carved Southeast Asian Wood Panel Ancient East $430.00
China old wooden men 7 B The Tretiak Collection
China old wooden men 7 The Tretiak Collection
Pale Green Nephrite Stand ESL Collection $360.00
Rare Framed Calligraphy by the Last Korean Princess, Yi Bangja Korean Art and Antiques $950.00
a salawaku shield ,almahera island ,indonesia galerie Cecile Kerner €2,500.00
Liangzhu Culture Cong 琮 良渚文化 Abhaya Asian Antiques $100.00
Ishiwata Koitsu Japanese Woodblock Print - Twilight at Imamiya, Choshi Era Woodblock Prints $650.00
COLLAGE OF BASEBALL t a t a m i $230.00
OTAFUKU t a t a m i $650.00
China old burl wine pot The Tretiak Collection
Stieng Textile Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Chinese Yellow Glaze Monochrome Porcelain Seal Paste Box Zentner Collection $750.00
Chinese Peach-Bloom Glaze Monochrome Porcelain Vase Zentner Collection $1,200.00
SQUARE FOLK ART TOOL t a t a m i $350.00