China Old square burl brushpot The Tretiak Collection
Japanese 1st Ed Jizure Woodblock Print Hiroshi Yoshida Kagurazaka Dori Petrie-Rogers Gallery $750.00
Sumatra | Calligraphic batik with birds (batik tulisan Arab) Spottiswoode Gallery $450.00
Vintage Mexican Painted Metal Sacred Heart Candle Holder Ancient East $75.00
Japanese Oversized Ltd. Ed. Tadashi Nakayama Armored Horse (A) Petrie-Rogers Gallery $2,475.00
Korean Silla Dynasty Lidded Pedestal Vessel what pdx $695.00
Antique African Ebony sculpture of a village woman what pdx $165.00
Chased Silver Metal Betel Nut box what pdx $125.00
Java | Hand-drawn batik made in 3 States (batik tiga negeri) Spottiswoode Gallery $490.00
china bronze seal box The Tretiak Collection
Japanese Edo Staghorn and leather Tobacco pouch and Pipe case what pdx $385.00
Korean Silla Dynasty Red bodied Pottery Tall neck Pot what pdx $895.00
Korean United Silla Stoneware handled Cup c 700 Ad v0 what pdx $495.00
Hindu Hoysala style Bronze figure of Krishna what pdx $2,450.00
Chinese Rhodonite snuff bottle L'Asie Exotique $250.00