Japanese Vintage Chataku Saucer for Tea Cup Made of Brass GALLERY TSUMUGI $90.00
Pair of Japanese Meiji Bronze Geese Okimono what pdx $1,895.00
Three Old Wooden Wayang Topeng Dance Masks, Bali & Java. Galerie Hafner $720.00
shipping included
China rosewood long scroll box The Tretiak Collection
LACQUERER'S BOX t a t a m i $500.00
China plaque Qing 1890s The Tretiak Collection
Lot of 4 unidentified Asian Near East Cylinder seals and beads Senatus Consulto $350.00
Miao women’s apron Abhaya Asian Antiques $140.00
Japanese Dry Lacquer Lotus Leaf Bowl with Frog Zentner Collection $4,000.00
China old blue carpet The Tretiak Collection
China old cane The Tretiak Collection
Finely Etched Copper Incense Burner Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $750.00
Tai Blanket Abhaya Asian Antiques $400.00
china old root stool The Tretiak Collection