Jade Carved Panel Asia of Old $695.00
Chinese Guqin shaped Ink Cake or stick what pdx $695.00
Ming - Qing Dynasty wood temple figure v9 what pdx $695.00
19th c Hindu red sandstone sculpture of Hanuman what pdx $695.00
Korean Koryo style Inlaid Celadon Glazed Vase what pdx $695.00
Hongshan Nephrite Dragon Cicada Toggle sculpture standing what pdx $695.00
Chinese Famille Rose Double Gourd Vase Asia of Old $695.00
18-19th c Hindu Temple figure of Ganesha what pdx $695.00
Hongshan Period Eagle Nephrite pendant figure with heavy wear what pdx $695.00
Hongshan Nephrite Deer or Dragon head toggle sculpture what pdx $695.00
Hongshan Orange Nephrite Jade shield pendant with Characters what pdx $695.00
Chinese Set of 4 Jade Archers Rings Asia of Old $695.00
Ming Dynasty Gilt wood statue of a seated deity what pdx $695.00
Antique 18- 19thc Hindu white marble figure of Brahma what pdx $695.00
Early Republic - Blue and White Vase EL-GALLERY USD $690.00
Han Dynasty molded Horse head with white and red decoration what pdx $685.00
Ife Benin Bronze Hip Plaque with Warriors what pdx $685.00
Chinese Black Seed Pearl on Silk Satin Material June Hastings $685.00