Jinbo Tomoyo Japanese Woodblock Print - Bijin in Lavender Kimono Era Woodblock Prints $1,100.00
Toshi Yoshida Japanese Woodblock Print - Birds in Spring - Plum Tree Era Woodblock Prints $475.00
Happy black primitive mask, Himalaya Nepal Himalaya Primitive Please contact
Primitive mask with speckled face, Himalaya, Nepal Himalaya Primitive Please contact
Chawan tea bowl, stoneware, Asahi, Japan Taisho/Showa Welcome To Another Century $125.00
Zhuang Wedding Blanket Abhaya Asian Antiques $600.00
china wood brush washer The Tretiak Collection
Japanese Vintage Textile Meisen Kimono Cloth with Colorful Spiral GALLERY TSUMUGI $130.00
Betel Box Abhaya Asian Antiques $400.00
Tsuchiya Koitsu Japanese Woodblock Print - Nara Sarusawa Pond Era Woodblock Prints $110.00
2 Korean Bamboo long Tobacco Pipes Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $95.00
MUSHIRO t a t a m i $280.00
Timor Ancestor Statue Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Shiro Kasamatsu Japanese Woodblock Print - Cherry Blossom Shower 1939 Era Woodblock Prints $1,850.00
Amber Lingzhi pendant GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art On Request
Wu Changshuo (1844-1927) / Ink-Painted Lotus ART CHINA LEGACY $2,800.00
china glassware round box liaoqi The Tretiak Collection
A Mounted Painting of Golden Gourds / Wu Changshuo (1844-1927) of Qing ART CHINA LEGACY $650.00
chia wood frog old The Tretiak Collection
Antique Chinese Glass Vase Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Japanese Ko-Kutani Shochikubai Bowl Zentner Collection $750.00
Shien Japanese Woodblock Print - Pagoda in Snow Era Woodblock Prints $90.00
Beautiful Chinese Celadon Jade Carving of a Meiren, 20th C. Galerie Hafner $1,100.00
shipping included
Japanese Painting by Woodblock Artist Shien - Barn Swallows on Branch Era Woodblock Prints $250.00
HONOMEN t a t a m i $350.00
Japanese Framed Red Noh Mask Print Zentner Collection $550.00
Japanese Framed Black Noh Mask Print Zentner Collection $850.00
Tsuchiya Koitsu Japanese Woodblock Print - Matsushima - Rare Era Woodblock Prints $900.00
Antique Japanese Daruma Ceramic Okimono Kodo Arts $310.00
Japanese Vintage Textile Bag Made of Shoyu-bukuro GALLERY TSUMUGI $90.00
Chinese Carved Hardstone Jade & Hard stone Tree Zentner Collection $1,450.00
china forg toggle The Tretiak Collection
china glass dishesbigandsmall The Tretiak Collection
Ohara Koson Japanese Woodblock Print - Insect and Flowering Wisteria Era Woodblock Prints $800.00
china wood buddha chenxiang mu The Tretiak Collection