Buddhist Monk Painted on Bodhi Leaf Silk Road Gallery $295.00
1930s Japanese Red Silk Juban with Fat Babies June Hastings $295.00
19th c Hindu Shiva Lingam Yoni sculpture what pdx $295.00
Chinese Hat Stand (Pair) Asia of Old $295.00
18th-19th c Indian Hindu rosewood Temple doll what pdx $295.00
Yuan Style Crackle Glazed Celadon Wine Pitcher v4 what pdx $295.00
Chinese Hat Stand Asia of Old $295.00
Beautiful larger Chinese archaristic Nephrite pendant of a pig! Senatus Consulto $295.00
19thc Orissa lost wax oil lamp figure of an Elephant and Rider what pdx $295.00
Chinese Sung-Song style Longquan celadon lotus wine jar what pdx $295.00
Choice Chinese Celadon Jade Nephrite inscribed plaque! Senatus Consulto $295.00
Chinese Tang Style Brown Glazed Chicken Head Pitcher what pdx $295.00
THREE JADE FOO LION WITH INITIAL SEALS ...CHINESE Eric J.Phillips Antique Estate Jewelry $295.00
Royal Nishiki Nippon biscuit jar ( Green globe mark) Small Pleasures, Antiques Collectibles $295.00
Indonesian Kris with Wayang figure board what pdx $295.00