Pair Chinese Lotus Boy Candle Pricks Ancient East $895.00
Dance staff "oshe shango"Yoruba ,Nigeria ex Ratton Hourdé galerie Cecile Kerner €5,900.00
Antique carved horn Kris sword Handle on stand what pdx $245.00
Large Japanese Woodblock Print by Mayumi Oda Zentner Collection $3,000.00
Acoma Pottery Olla with Deer, Signed Louise Amos Ancient East $980.00
china old cloisonne bird feeders beijing The Tretiak Collection $18,000.00
china ol d frog toggle The Tretiak Collection 10,000.00 rmb
An Embroidered Tent Pole Cover from Northern Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $450.00
china old miniature altar table qiao tou The Tretiak Collection 10,000.00 rnb
Antique hand chased brass plate India what pdx $45.00
Bengali Terracotta temple carved brick 17th- 18thc Man with a bird v6 what pdx $1,885.00
Chinese Song-Sung Dynasty pair of Qingbai glazed funerary urns what pdx $2,450.00
Vintage - Antique Korean Koryo celadon vase what pdx $795.00
Japanese copper BOWL by HIROSHI SUZUKI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $550.00
Chinese metal and glass opium lamp what pdx $125.00
Tang Dynasty earth spirit figure what pdx $425.00
Chinese Han Dynasty 206BC-200AD Terracotta seated Musician what pdx $795.00