Chinese Carved Jade Pendant. Coins and Antiques Gallery $385.00
china silver ring The Tretiak Collection
Edo Period Utagawa Kuniyoshi wood block print c 1859 #7 what pdx $225.00
Muromachi period 1336-1573 AD bronze okimono what pdx $1,495.00
china old bronze inkstone bed mo chuang The Tretiak Collection $895.00
Antique British Colonial Betel nut Brass Box with compartment what pdx $155.00
Sitting Dharma by Korea's Renowned Buddhist Monk Painter Seok Jeong Korean Art and Antiques $750.00
chin a i=old monkey toggles The Tretiak Collection Pending
china bronze frog paperweioght zhenchi qing The Tretiak Collection 12000.00 rmb
HUMBLE FOLK ART TOOL t a t a m i $230.00
china Massive root carving early Qing The Tretiak Collection 75,000.00 rmb
Islamic Mixed metal Cairo wear type plate what pdx $165.00
Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblock Print - Meguro Fudo Temple Era Woodblock Prints $765.00
Wooden churning rod n°103, Himalaya, Nepal Himalaya Primitive Please contact
Tsuchiya Koitsu Woodblock Print - Sunset at Tomonotsu - Rare First Ed. Era Woodblock Prints $1,980.00