Antique Khmer style Bronze Kneeling Ganesha Amulet what pdx $125.00
Chinese Qing Dynasty Black molded Ink cake what pdx $695.00
Nepalese Lost Wax Cast Hindu God Ganesha Oil Lamp v5 what pdx $895.00
19th c gray marble Hindu temple lingam - Yoni Sculpture v7 what pdx $195.00
Chinese natural green jade carving of two fishes GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art On Request
Antique Japanese Hand- Hammered Copper Gyokusendo Vase W/Box Kodo Arts $475.00
china old toggle agate sheep The Tretiak Collection 8000.00 rmb
Antique Chinese Enamel Decorated Vase with Florals and Animals what pdx $395.00
Ancient Chinese Han Dynasty Terracotta Brick 2 available what pdx $785.00
Chinese Qing Dynasty 19thc Blue and White Bowl what pdx $265.00
Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue and White charger what pdx $895.00
Japan Edo period 1820s Bunsei era Sculpture of a Temple Priest what pdx $695.00
Vintage Chinese Archaistic form Censor with Shi Shi- Foo dog Finial what pdx $995.00
Song Period south East Asian cream Glazed Jarlet what pdx $345.00
Chinese Song Dynasty style Hare - JunYao Glazed Bottle vase what pdx $125.00
Chinese Song Style olive glazed Lug Handled Jar what pdx $145.00
Chinese Junyao Glazed Plates set of 3 what pdx $245.00
Ming- Qing Dynasty blue and white porcelain bowl what pdx $445.00